Suika Synthetic watermelon Game

Lately, the immensely popular "Suika Synthetic Big Watermelon" mini-game offers a delightful experience. In this game, players simply need to tap anywhere on the screen to position fruits. When two identical fruits come into contact, they combine to create more advanced fruit varieties. By continually merging fruits, players work towards achieving the grand prize – a massive watermelon. If any fruit crosses the top boundary of the screen, the game concludes.

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About Suika Synthetic watermelon Game

Suika Synthetic Game: Engage in merging identical fruits to discover new varieties and ultimately fuse them into a super-secret fruit BOSS. Offering a diverse range of game modes and a colorful array of delectable fruits, this is a fantastic puzzle game designed for leisure and relaxation. Challenge yourself to achieve high scores and secure a spot on the global leaderboard! You can also play Suika Double Watermelon and I want Suika Game