I want Suika Game

I want Suika Games is akin to Tetris but with a fruity twist. You can dub it the "Watermelon Game," "Fruit Stack-Up," or even "Fruity Tetris." The objective is to build stacks of watermelons, melons, pineapples, and various other fruits without letting them breach the top line.However, with limited space, how can you achieve this? Here's the trick: when two fruits of the same type come into contact, they transform into larger fruits. The ultimate prize is the grand watermelon! The game's essence lies in accumulating as many points as possible before your container fills up. Your covert mission is to assemble all the fruits into that magnificent watermelon.

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About I want Suika Game

Here are some useful tips for playing the I want Suika Game:

  1. Act swiftly! Merge fruits to increase their size and prevent the container from overflowing.
  2. Strategically plan the placement of your fruits. When you spot two melons, pair them up for a pineapple party!
  3. Aim for impressive moves, also known as combos! This occurs when you combine two or more fruits simultaneously. Combos not only elevate your status to superstar but also yield more points!
  4. Don’t fret over errors. There’s no single flawless approach to the game. Just enjoy the experience and experiment with different tactics!

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