Suika Double Watermelon

Suika Double Watermelon Game: Although playing the game is easy, achieving a high score can be quite challenging, as it necessitates skillfully arranging the larger fruits and considering the physics governing their interactions.When two fruits of the same kind merge, they create a bigger fruit as a result. For instance, two cherries combine to form a strawberry, and two strawberries combine to produce grapes, and this process continues, culminating in the largest fruit, which is a watermelon.The game concludes when any fruit spills over the top of the container.

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About Suika Double Watermelon

Suika Double Watermelon Game: Referred to as the Suika Game, this puzzle game presents players with the task of achieving high scores by dropping and merging fruits of the same kind.

The game initially launched in December 2021 but enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity, particularly among VTubers in Japan. Furthermore, it managed to claim the top spot on the eShop download charts in September 2023. You can also play Suika Big Watermelon and Suika Fruit Game