Suika Fruit Game

Suika Fruits Game: This puzzle game is incredibly straightforward. It's like a mix of 2048 and Puyo-Puyo. You have a container, and you drop fruit into it. When these fruits touch each other, they combine to form larger ones. For example, two strawberries merge into a grape, and so on. The only rule is that the fruits keep growing, with the biggest one being a watermelon or "suika" in Japanese. You earn points for dropping the fruit and surviving as long as possible before your screen fills up. There's no rush, no competitive mode (except for online leaderboards), and nothing particularly extraordinary. It's all about fruits combining, growing, and taking over the screen.

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About Suika Fruit Game

Suika Fruits Game: One of the key factors driving the popularity of Suika Game is the adorable and expressive faces on all the fruits. Many budget-friendly puzzle games are available on the eShop (and countless more on various smartphone app stores), but Suika Game strikes a delightful balance between being charming and overly sweet. The game offers a delightful array of colors, textures, and soothing, vibrant shapes that can be appreciated by both kids and adults. The lively music adds to the upbeat atmosphere as you continue maneuvering the fruits, and even when you fail, it doesn’t feel all that disheartening. After all, if the fruits are okay with it, why shouldn’t you be? Also Check: Suika Messi Game and Suika: A Beginner’s Guide