Merge Fruit

A merge fruit game is a type of puzzle game where the player merges identical fruits together to create larger and more valuable fruits. The goal of the game is typically to merge as many fruits as possible before the playing field fills up or the player runs out of time.

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About Merge Fruits

There are many different variations of merge fruit games, but the basic gameplay is the same. The player starts with a grid filled with different types of fruits. The player can then move the fruits around the grid by dragging them. When two identical fruits touch, they merge to create a larger fruit. The player can continue to merge fruits until the playing field is full or there are no more identical fruits left. Suika Game is similar like this.

Some merge fruit games have additional features, such as power-ups or special fruits. For example, some games have a power-up that allows the player to merge all of the fruits of a certain type on the grid. Other games have special fruits that give the player bonuses, such as extra time or points.