Suika Big Watermelon

Suika Big Watermelon Game is as simple as it gets. You drop fruits from above into a container, and if they spill over the edge, it's game over. When you match two identical fruits, they evolve into the next fruit in line. For instance, two cherries combine to create a strawberry, and two grapes merge into an orange, and so on. The ultimate goal is to reach the illustrious watermelon. You score points for each successful merge and filling the container without overflowing to the top. Since you don't know which fruits will appear next when you drop, planning ahead is nearly impossible. You have to adapt to whatever comes your way.

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About Suika Big Watermelon

Suika Big Watermelon Game: In this What sets this matching game apart is its realistic physics, which are notably better in the Switch version. When you drop fruits, they roll, maybe bounce a little, and shift around. This can lead to some wonky formations. As larger fruits emerge through combining, the dynamics cause distortions, odd gaps, and sudden challenges in reaching fruits you could previously access. A fortunate move can trigger a chain reaction, reminiscent of Puyo Puyo. On the flip side, it could also spell doom and disrupt any strategy you had in mind.

Nonetheless, even when things take a turn for the worse, the game’s short duration and the realization that it might not entirely be your fault for failing make the idea of replaying even more appealing. Suika Game is a brief, user-friendly game. When I initially started playing, it was with focus, but now, I sometimes enjoy a round before bedtime to wind down. Its simplicity is soothings. Also play Suika Fruit Game and How to Play Suika the Watermelon Game on PC