Suika City Blocks

Suika City Blocks is a matching puzzle game where you join buildings to construct a city. The goal is to make a city with as many people as you can before there's no room left. When you upgrade buildings, it opens up space for more residents. This game is similar to suika merge watermelon game.

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About Suika City Blocks

How to Play Suika City Blocks

Starting Your City: Playing Suika Game City Blocks is super easy. You can jump right in and start. All you have to do is merge three of the same kind of building to create a new one. The game even shows you the next three buildings in a row, so you can plan your moves. Also, Play Suika Merge Maniax and Suika Characters Girl

Getting New Buildings: As your city gets bigger, it can get tougher to make advanced buildings, especially when you’re running out of space. To deal with this, you can earn jokers. These come in handy for buying the buildings you need. It’s a good idea to save them for when you really need them the most.

Checking Your Rank: At the end of each game, you get a score and a global rank for the size of your city. If you keep playing and building more cities, you can improve your score. Don’t worry about saving your progress; the game does it for you automatically.