Suika Characters Girl

Suika Characters Girl game is a watermelon game game in which all the fruit are replaced with the characters grils images. And you can play this game like a suika game.

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About Suika Characters Girls Game

Here are some tips for playing  Suika Character Girls:

  • Try to slice the watermelons as close to the center as possible. This will give you the most points.
  • Use the power-ups to your advantage. The time freeze power-up can be very helpful for slicing multiple watermelons in a row.
  • Be careful of the bombs. If you hit a bomb, the game will end.
  • Don’t be afraid to miss a few watermelons. It is more important to focus on slicing as many watermelons as possible without making any mistakes. Also, play Suika Multi Item Game and Suika Custom Watermelon