Suika keito Game

Keito Suika Game, also called the Keito Watermelon Game, is a puzzle video game that's like the classic game Tetris, but with a fruity twist. In this game, your job is to carefully stack and merge falling items inside a limited space. Your goal is to drop different Size Keito Face fruits into a box and get the highest score without letting any Keito fruit go over the top of the box.

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About Keito Suika Game

To avoid an overflow, you need to match Keito fruits that are the same, and they’ll grow into bigger Keito fruit, giving you more points. The larger the merged Keito fruits, the more points you earn. The ultimate goal is to create the game’s namesake – the Large Keito watermelon. When two watermelons come together, they disappear from the box. Also Play: Suika kanata Game and Suika Himeru Game

In contrast to Tetris, the Suika Game doesn’t rush you with a time limit. But it adds an unpredictable element because the fruits follow the rules of physics. They can bump into each other and roll away from where you dropped them.