Suika Fruit Clicker

Suika Fruit Clicker is a relaxing game where you cultivate your fruit farm, purchase numerous special upgrades, unveil new fruits, juice-making capabilities, a laboratory, and more! You can even produce juice and earn gold to grow your production and become the top fruit producer worldwide.

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About Suika Fruit Clicker

Suika Fruit Clicker Game has many features which is given below. You can also play Suika Triple Fruit and Suika Merge Harvest

Highlighted Features

  • Gorgeous graphics with delightful animations
  • Craft your charming garden and reveal potent bonuses
  • Over 50 upgrades, each with distinct features and eye-catching designs
  • A selection of 7 different fruit types available for purchase
  • Rebirth mechanics with a multitude of enhancements
  • A research laboratory offering access to numerous studies
  • Competitive gameplay with leaderboards to challenge other players