Suika Game: The Watermelon Game

Suika Game, also known as Watermelon Game in English, is a Fruit Puzzle or Tetris game. In the Suika Watermelon Game, Players must stack Watermelons, Melons, Pineapples, and other fruits in a box so that they do not cross the line at the top of the field. Fruits of the same kind can be combined to evolve into a larger fruit, which multiplies the player's score. The largest fruit that can be achieved is the Watermelon, and the goal of the game is to aim for the highest possible score before the box is full. Your aim should be to get a Watermelon by combining all the fruits.

How to Play Suika Watermelon Game ?

  1. Start the Game

    The Fruit game will start after opening the website There will be an empty box. You can drop the Fruit to floor by using Mouse Click or tapping the screen. The position of fruit will depend on where you click or tap on screen. Start Suika game
  2. Merge the Fruits

    In the Suika game, You have to merge two same fruits to make a larger fruits.If two fruits of the same kind touch, they will merge into a larger fruit. Doing the same, You can make a Watermelon after combining two Honeydew Melons. Gameplay Suika Game
  3. Enjoy the Game

    The goal of the Suika Game is to score as many points as possible before the box is full of fruits. The game will end if any of your fruit cross the redline at top of the Watermelon game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Suika Game?

    Suika Game is also known as Watermelon game in English language. Suika is a Fruit game. In this game, You have to touch two same fruits to make a larger fruit.

  2. What are Tips Tricks for Suika Game?

    Here are the tips for Suika game presented in bullet points:

    1 Combine fruits fast to make bigger ones and avoid running out of space.
    2 Think about where you put fruits. Like, if you have two melons, put them together to make a pineapple.
    3 Try to create a combo. A combo is when you merge two or more fruits at the same time. Combos will give you a higher score than merging fruits individually.
    4 Don't worry about making mistakes. There's no one perfect way to play. Try different things and see what's fun for you.